You can download all these demos and hook into the code from GitHub here.


Vertical Mode

Dynamic Slides

This demo shows how easy and fun to work Slides API.

Scroll Container

This demo also uses a Scrollbar plugin.

Free Mode

Carousel Mode

Carousel & Loop mode. Infinite Scrolling

Nested Swipers. Vertical Swiper inside of horizontal

More complex. Nested Swipers + Carousel Mode + Loop Mode

Tabs (only external control)

Tabs with feedback

Partial Slides Display


Slider will not move until touch distance less than 100px

Different Widths

Now you can use slides with different widths

Centered Active Slide

In this demo, that also uses slides with different widths, active slide is always centered

Slides Visibility API


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Pull To Refresh

Pull slides down to load new slides. Click here to open this demo in new tab